Why I’m Single


I’ve always thought pirates were sexy. Maybe it’s the way television has romanticized them; maybe it’s the dirty hair and exotic birds.

My name is Angela and I’m attracted to bad boys.

Have you wondered how on earth I could possibly be single? I thought you had. It’s because I consistently fall for men who are ridiculously inappropriate for me.

It’s not that good men haven’t tried. They have. I run.

This was all kosher in my teens and early twenties. Now that I love Jesus, it puts me in an awkward position.

I need a Christian man with swag. I’m not saying he has to be a former gang member, but I refuse to date a man who wears skinny jeans.

Honestly, what really attracts me these days is passion, purpose, and humor: passion to stand up for what he believes in; purpose to direct his life’s work; humor to laugh at my Sarah Jessica Parker jokes. I need a man who is a leader. I want a man who is not afraid to take risks for God. I want a man that owns his responsibilities and will hold my hand. I want to labor next to a strong man to make a difference in the world. That’s the kind of bad boy I want now. There is nothing hotter than a man who strives to be a warrior for God.

If this is you, comment with your phone number below. If it’s someone you know, share this post and tell them I have a time share in the Poconos. This could all be yours.



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