Dang it, Proper Pie


Daniel and I have broken up. I celebrated the close of my 21-Day Daniel Fast at James River Winery with Ash Cap. It was delightful sipping a sweet red blend on a porch swing overlooking Route 1. There was live music and a surprising amount of children.

I am free!

So, before I head straight to Mickey D’s to have a congratulatory Number Two (sorry, but that’s actually what I order) and forget all about these three weeks of good choices, I need to debrief.

Short explanation of the DF:  I could eat all fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and beans. Water was the only beverage allowed, and I couldn’t have yeast, sugar or artificial sweeteners, or any caffeine.

I learned caffeine is absolutely a drug. The withdrawal was worse than being forced to watch NASCAR. I learned I don’t crave sugar or dessert once it’s out of my system. Surprising. I found I had more energy and no crash times. Seriously, the energy has been amazing. I lost six pounds. I discovered discipline hiding behind my bent for spontaneity and instant gratification.

With conscious effort, I want to perpetually remind myself that although everything is permissible for me, not everything is beneficial.  I tend to be an all-or-nothing girl, so I am scared not to have healthy guidelines in place. I know myself.

At home I will continue to eat mostly vegan. If I want meat or dairy, it will be ethical and humane. That means it will be pricier. I won’t buy it often. I like not eating animal products, but realistically it may happen. I’m not sure which will be first; the chicken or the egg? I’m 86ing caffeine until further notice. I will drink. A little.

Out with friends, I will be flexible. I can have it my way, but I won’t get crazy. I will go to Proper Pie once they get back from their MONTH LONG VACATION.

Discipline is my big take-away. It’s a good thing. I need more. Time management is my next goal, which translates to no weekday T.V. or Netflix. I gots thing to do.

Yours, in a friend way,


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