The world is watching.

Yesterday I posted about all the things we may be doing wrong in relating to Jesus, other Christians, and people in general.

Today, I want to focus on the beauty that unfolds when love is done right.

An example from my own life: my best friend Julie (whom I met on the playround in third grade) showed me Jesus by offering me a home in Richmond if I wanted to move down here and let God change my life. I did and he did. The kicker was that we weren’t even that close at the time. We are now. I am an “aunt” to her son Spencer, a sister to her husband Chris, and can’t wait for her babies in the Congo to come home. She is my bestie and she inspires me daily.

I see Jesus in my sister-mom-friend Debbie Mills, a world traveler and fellow writer. She is a constant source of wisdom, love, and yummy food to all those who are blessed enough to know her. She’ll even let you throw your yard sale at her house!  Well, maybe not you. But probably.

Author and fellow comedian-without-a-stage Jen Hatmaker writes that God transformed her life and her church by leading them to love on homeless people like nobody’s business. Their congregation spends Easter cooking out with the homeless population. Sounds like someone I know.

Lysa Terkeurst led an adoption revolution in her city by obeying God and taking in two teenage boys from a Liberian orphans choir. After everyone told her she was nuts, they all adopted kids from the same orphanage! Now, there’s 30 something Liberian kids in one town in North Carolina!

Angela Yuan stuck by her son Christopher as he struggled with homosexuality, heavy drug use and eventually incarceration for dealing. Now, Chris is living for Christ, thriving,  and joyful. His ministry has touched many and it’s because his mom loved him through his hard times and prayed continuously.

These are just a few examples.  Even in my own life, I know so many people who strive to live for Jesus and I have so much to learn from them! When love, hospitality,  faithfulness,  patience, generosity, and compassion are actions instead of head knowledge, a lot of beautiful things happen.


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