Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  It’s the last Friday in August! September is upon us! I’m glad. Fall is my favorite.  Speaking of favorites, here are a few of mine from this week:

New Favorite Recipe:
I hung out with this girl at Mom’s Siam in Carytown on Saturday and we had Drunken Noodles.


I was so full, but it tasted so delicious. I wanted to keep eating forever. The next day I found a recipe online and made myself some more. I’m always unsure of how a new recipe will turn out, but I didn’t need to worry. It was amazing and I will be making it for years to come!


Best Drunken Noodles
I left out the chicken and just did thick slices of red and green bell pepper. If you like Thai food,  you have to try this!

Favorite Book:


I just reread  (well, technically I listened) to I Still Dream About You by Fannie Flagg. This hilarious and heartwarming book is Southern and therefore charming, inviting,  and slightly kooky. Maggie is a former Miss Alabama who now sells Real Estate for a midget-owned company. She has something big planned, but whirling dervishes and other saboteurs keep getting in the way. This is such a fun read and you won’t want to leave Magic City or the big-hearted weirdos who live there.

Favorite App: Overdrive. This app lets you read books and listen to audiobooks free! How? It’s connected to your local library! You do need an existing library account, so get one! I read all the time so this has saved me millions of pennies. I am so blessed by this app. Is that weird?

Have a fabulous weekend! I am headed off on a three-day weekend to visit my parents out in the country!  I am looking forward to porch sitting, margaritas, and Scrabble. I am secretly 65 years old.  Ok, love y’all.


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