A New Chapter


I paced back and forth on my parents’ porch yesterday while they were at church.  I could have gone with them, but I’m not a Methodist and their pastor has a slight speech impediment so all I can think while I’m there is “Shufferin Shuccotash”. I’m easily distracted.

I wasn’t just pacing. I was praying. I’ve been feeling for some time that change is coming. Not only coming, but necessary. Like I will die slowly if there isn’t a shift in direction. I was asking God “What do you want me to do?”. Over and over.

When I feel restless like this, my Angela solution is to try changing my outward circumstances. A new city could be exciting. A new job would make me feel more accomplished. A boyfriend would be greatly appreciated .

While there is nothing wrong with moving, changing jobs, or dating Orlando Bloom, until God calls me clearly to any of these (for example, a new job lines up with my career goals; a great opportunity opens up in Nicaragua;  or a ruggedly handsome church planter stops to fix my flat tire) I don’t have a reason to make drastic life decisions.

My house is fine. My rent is amazing. My job is fun and pays the bills.  The flexible hours allow me to work on my goals during the day. I love Richmond. I just (stiiilll) haven’t met the right Godly man yet.

So that’s why I was praying. I can’t see a good reason to uproot my life, but something has to give. I needed to know what God was up to and how to respond.

God answered. 

12 hours later I had a complete book outline done.

I know it was God, because writing a book was not anywhere on my immediate horizon. I was saving it for “one day”. Once inspiration sparked, though, I couldn’t stop writing.

This is baby stages. I am going to write a book/Bible study on how to live life to the fullest by changing inside.

It’s time to stop running, hoping that the next “whatever” will make me happy. The life I dream of is mine for the taking right where I am because it’s the life Jesus offers freely. 

Abundance. I want some.

I can’t wait to go through the study myself and see what God does. I’m looking forward to being able to share as I navigate through the writing and the doing.

I will also be asking some of you to journey along with me. It will be a 24 week commitment but I think it’s going to be good. I know it will, because it’s all about living with and for Jesus.

I know it’s early, but when God moves I want to remember every aspect so that I don’t doubt him later. I want to thank him publicly for being faithful and I want to be held accountable to what he is calling me to do.

I’m so excited.

Happy Monday.

Love, Ang

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