Just Another Angry Rant


If you make a pregnant, unwed mother cry, you’re doing it wrong.

There is a “pastor” who comes into to the restaurant I work in and makes all of the employees uncomfortable. A couple years ago he told a pregnant server she needed to marry the baby’s father immediately so the child wouldn’t be born out of wedlock. He chastised her and made her cry at work. When I heard about it, I got so angry I could have punched a koala.

Yesterday, he was back again, making his own server angry with personal questions and asking another if she was living with her boyfriend. He then gave her a 20.00 booklet and CD on tithing and receiving financial blessing. Why on earth would he give someone who is not interested in Christianity a packet about tithing?? Keep in mind these are COMPLETE STRANGERS to the man. He sticks his big mouth in where it doesn’t belong and pushes people further from Jesus.

I heard something great on the radio as I pulled my car out of the parking lot. “The Bible doesn’t say ‘They’ll know us by our judgment.’ It says ‘They’ll know us by our love”. That is so true.

What if that “pastor” had just shown a genuine interest in his server and tipped him well? Maybe he could have asked if there was anything he could be praying for. He could have been loving and available, but instead he was invasive and offensive.

I think as Christians we have to examine our methodology. There is no circumstance that makes it ok to shame a non-believer . People who don’t believe have no reason to change their behavior. The love of Jesus, made evident through God’s people, is what will speak the loudest. Earn the right to share your faith. Live your faith to the best of your ability so that people will actually take you seriously. Respect the fact that every person, regardless of their belief, is intelligent and entitled to their own thoughts. Judgment from you will only make them wants even less to do with God.

That being said, I am thankful for the Christians who operate out of love and genuine care for others. You all are a blessing and it is evidenced by the lives that are changed as you speak truth in love to the ones around you.

No koalas were harmed in this making of this post.


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