I found out yesterday why people say “banging on the door like the po-lice”.

The cops are after me. Well, just one. I heard obnoxiously loud knocking at the door yesterday morning and opened it to find the Sheriff standing there. He mispronounced my name and handed me a summons to appear in court. The great part was that, today of all days, Ash Cap hadn’t felt like taking the trash to the actual trash can yet so the Sheriff had to lean over the bag of garbage that was sitting directly in front of our trailer house.

I had jury duty last month. I was not excited about missing work, but I am actually quite thankful for our judicial system. I think it’s great that we keep our trials as fair as possible by putting them before unbiased, incorruptible everyday citizens.

I was actually really anxious about it, and hung the notification paper on the cork board in my bedroom so I wouldn’t forget. It said that if you failed to appear you would be held in contempt of the court. For five Mondays in a row, I would have to call after 4:30 p.m. to see if they needed me the next day. My second week, I was called in. I went. It was boring. The case involved a lady suing nobody. She had been side-swiped by a car three years ago and been injured. Since the other driver didn’t stop and was never identified, she had no one to sue for the damages or her injuries. So, she sued John Doe. And somehow, John Doe had a defense attorney. Apparently the state or maybe the DMV will have to pay? Who knew? I ended up not being selected, so I got to leave after about two hours.

I called the next two Mondays, and then..I completely forgot. Like, completely. Tuesday after work I had an “Aw, crap. ” realization, but there was nothing I could do. Then I mostly forgot about it again, until yesterday. Now I can’t stop thinking about it.

I’ve never been the bad guy. I’ve never had to await sentencing from a judge. I can’t help but think about how we will all stand before God as our judge one day, awaiting our fate. I’m so grateful that Jesus pled guilty in my place so that I am guaranteed freedom. In this human court case, however, I am worried. I know I shouldn’t be. It will most likely just be a fine, which stinks, but what are you gonna do?

This follows a week where a rock cracked my windshield and my landlord mistakenly thought we were all moving out at the end of the month. Yep. It’s been a good one.

So, pray for a lenient and understanding judge. Pray that I won’t cry. I really might. Jail scares me and orange is not my color. I wouldn’t do well there.

Yours, for now,


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