Slavery, The Holocaust, and Abortion: What side are you on?

Today I searched Planned Parenthood’s website.

Yesterday, a friend posted a video of Ben Carson giving his thoughts on abortion. This video ridiculed Ben for comparing abortion to slavery. Thank God Ben is black or he’d really have hell to pay.

At first glance, the two seem totally different. I see the connection, though. Hear me out.

The commonality between slavery and abortion is that both slaves and unborn babies are stripped of basic human rights because they are viewed as less important. Their rights are subverted by the rights of someone else.

They are both FULLY human and people today would agree that slavery was an atrocity that no man should ever have to suffer. Back in the day, though, it was just business as usual. It made life easier, it was economical, and who cared how they felt about it? They weren’t owed the same rights as white men. It was legal!


It’s crazy people thought that way, but they did. It was a societal norm, and it took people who thought outside the box to insist slaves be given their freedom. They saw what others didn’t: the undeniable value of EVERY human life.

Ray Comfort’s film “180” makes a comparison between abortion and the Holocaust: a genocide based on the same principle as slavery and abortion: some people are worth less than others, so do whatever you want with them. Killing them is fine. A whole country went along with this insane propaganda, and 11 million people were wiped off the face of the earth.


Think that’s bad? 1.2 million people are murdered every year at an abortion clinic. 21% of Americans will never take their first steps or smile and say “Mama” or “Dada”. 21%!!! But hey, it’s legal!


The insanity of defending abortion is this: if you can’t see the person, they’re not a person. Well, if they aren’t there, then why do you have to hire a hitman? Unborn babies are people. They are not an extension of the mother. They are themselves. They feel pain. They hear sound. They suck their tiny thumbs. They have a RIGHT to live. What right do you have to take away someone else’s basic right to live? It’s the exact same thing as shooting a newborn in the face. Tell me it’s not.

So, where are our abolitionists and our Allied Forces? How do we fight for people that can’t speak for themselves? I will start by praying. Every day, I will pray for the staff at Planned Parenthood in Richmond. I will pray for the women that are considering abortion. I will pray that their eyes are opened to the reality of what they are doing. It’s not my opinion. It’s fact. Babies are being killed, and I need to stand up for them. I’m not sure what else to do other than pray and talk about it. Maybe I can get involved with an adoption advocacy group. I need to do something.

I’m sad. There is so much intentional blindness when it comes to this issue. I’m praying for the lights to come on.



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