Icing On The Cake


I could make some man very happy one day.

I love God. I clean. I bake bagels from scratch. I’m passionate and affectionate and I can find the humor in almost anything. I am strong and supportive and protective of my people. I love bourbon and a good cigar.

So, yeah. I could be an awesome wife.

But maybe I won’t be. I think I read somewhere that after a “certain age” a woman has a greater chance of being struck by lightning than getting married. Whoever came up with that saying should be drug out into the street and shot. Not helpful.

Just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t. But maybe it won’t.

I can’t predict the future. But I can choose to enjoy it.

I refuse to be bitter or sad or think I’m not good enough.

I choose to focus on the good things I can have, rather than the one thing I don’t have.

So what can I do that will make life beautiful whether or not Morris Chestnut ever comes around?

There are so many people I can build relationships with. I have a lot of love to give, and I have the time to invest in people. I can spend weekends taking road trips and I don’t have to ask anyone if I can go visit AshCap in Tanzania. I just have to sell a kidney. The point is, I have a lot of freedom to be a great friend. Love doesn’t have to be romantic to be amazing. I can create family wherever I am.

I have much to offer the world. My purpose is to draw other people to God by loving them well and offering them wisdom and hope in a world that values neither. I have time to work on my book. I’ve got time to spend with God; getting to know him better so that I can tell others how good he is. How sufficient he is. I can go where he leads and work hard to fulfill my calling.

I have hope in Christ. This is the only hope that will stand when I go through bad times. Death, sickness, betrayal, depression..hope is the only antidote; the light at the end of the tunnel that tells me to keep going. I know my future is beautiful and that He is always right there with me.

Marriage doesn’t equal happiness. Love, purpose, and hope equal happiness.

Without those, I’m screwed. I’m wandering around aimlessly, waiting for Boris Kodjoe to realize I’m still available.

I choose happiness. All those great qualities I have can be used to bless the people God has placed in my life. If I do marry Taye Diggs, it’ll just be icing on an already amazing cake.

Who wants to come over for coffee and homemade bagels?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. I love your perspective and I would love to come over for coffee 😉


    1. Angela says:

      I don’t know why I am just seeing this but I would love to get coffee with you sometime!


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