Lost Cats, Car-Jackers, and Angels from Michigan


Two weeks ago my little cat was curled up next to me in bed.

I was depressed because AshCap had moved to Tanzania.

I looked down at Sebastian and said, “Well, at least I still have you.”

Famous last words.

That mofo disappeared a week later and I haven’t seen him since last Tuesday.

So, that’s why I haven’t been blogging.

I’ve been scrolling through Craigslist, the “Found” section at Animal Control, and hanging up badly laminated “Lost Kitty” flyers all over the neighborhood. And crying. And watching Gilmore Girls.

The Tuesday he disappeared I went out late in the night to just walk up my block and call for him. A shady dude quickly crossed from the other side of the street and popped up over my shoulder.

“You look lost.”

“Nope. Just looking for my cat.”

“I don’t mind helping you look. Why isn’t your boyfriend helping you look?”

Since no rational man would approach a single woman on a dark street at 11:30 at night and I had idiotically left my cell phone inside, I wasn’t sure what to do. This man was bad news for sure. I was getting close to the house and I definitely did not want him to know where I lived.

“Take care!” I said. “I’m going to look over here.” I high-tailed it across the street and prayed he wouldn’t follow. I was headed away from safety with no cell phone, but I had no other option.  He looked surprised, but didn’t follow and he was gone by the time I turned around.

An hour later a man matching his description car-jacked and robbed someone at gunpoint a few blocks away. By the grace of God go I…

It’s been a bad week for me, but God is still just as good as when everything seemed to be going my way. I refuse to be a fair-weather Christian and it’s actually been driving me to pray more.

Yesterday a sweet lady saw Sebastian’s picture online and thought her cousin in Varina may have found him. It wasn’t the same cat (she sent a pic), but she told me she’d be praying for me and apparently she asked others to pray because I got a phone call from her brother-in-law in Michigan a couple minutes later.

He and his family (visiting in Michigan for Thanksgiving) had just found a cat. They were planning to adopt it but heard I’d lost Sebastian. They had talked about it and all three kids decided the right thing to do was offer the cat to me first (insert sob here). I have rarely been so touched. Can you imagine kids willing to give up an animal they really want (and looks just like the one they lost six months ago) to a complete stranger? That’s God’s love in action. I politely declined the cat and said of course they should keep it. I told him (tearfully) how much it meant that they’d offered. They are all praying for Sebastian’s safe return. I’m blown away by that kindness. And thankful. And humbled.

So, that’s my week. Lost cats and car-jackers and God’s love from some angels in Michigan. How was yours?

Until tomorrow..


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  1. 20017crochet says:

    So sorry to hear if your lost love. Im praying for his safe return. God works..keep the faith that he’ll return safely. God bless you are safe..be careful of those late night ventures..glad you were safe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Angela says:

      You’re so sweet. This was actually a year and a few months ago, and unfortunately he didn’t return and I moved last October. I hope someone else took him in and is loving on him! I have a very sweet boy named Bentley now.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 20017crochet says:

        Oh sorry about that. Me too.

        Liked by 1 person

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