A Prayer for the Addict


You aren’t sweet but somehow you rot teeth.

You bought my neighbor an Acura SUV and I’m still driving a  2003 Galant.

You’re a cold blooded killer.

You make people broke and desperate.

You tear apart families and friendships.

You make evil people rich and sick people sicker.

You shatter the future with cheap fulfillment that will never last.

You don’t just want a little bit. You demand everything until there’s nothing left but death and decay and hopelessness.

I hate you, drugs.

Drugs are ruining the lives of some of my friends. They are smart, loving, sweet people and it makes me so angry. I know that addiction is to blame, but there’s always supply to meet the demand and it makes me sick. How many homeless people would be leading normal lives if someone hadn’t offered them their first line or snort or injection? How many more college graduates would there be? How many kids would have their mom or dad or sister or brother back?  How many less marriages would be destroyed? How many less gravestones would there be?

This is my prayer for you, addict. By the Lord’s power I pray that you would know how loved you are and how precious your life is to God. I pray for God’s angels to surround you, protect you, and help you fight against the Evil that wants to destroy every relationship and every good thing in your life. I pray that Satan would not be able to touch you any longer and that you would feel the power and presence of God, who is stronger and bigger and fiercer than any demonic stronghold. I pray against apathy towards your disease and that you would be able to clearly see and stand against your imminent destruction; that you would find the strength to RUN from it as if your life depends on it because it does. I pray that you would continually trust in and call to Jesus when those cravings try to lure you back in. I pray that you see there is beauty and love in the world and that you want to live. I pray you take hold of the good, joyful, productive, and full life that God has for you. I pray boldly and with confidence that the bonds of addiction that encircle you would be  broken forever and that by the power of the blood and the holy name of Jesus you would walk in freedom for the rest of your life.

Thank you, God, for recovery, for forgiveness, for healing, and for second, third,and fourth chances. Thank you for delivering my best friend and for those you will continue to set free as they realize that you are able and willing to pull them out of these dark waters. We love you, God.

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  1. Amen I’m in agreement with that prayer!!!!!÷

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