I’m a Survivor (Snowbody Does It Better)

Hi, sweet friends!

I’m coming to you live from the couch, halfway through another day of refusing to drive in the aftermath of Snowpacalypse 2016. My car took Bronze in Ice Dancing at last year’s Olympics, so I thought we’d wait this one out another day.

I sure am grateful for heat and blankets and a fridge full of food. I don’t know how people in the olden days got through bad weather. I guess a lot of them didn’t, at least not on the Oregon Trail.

This past weekend was a mostly quiet one, with a cozy brunch, one long trudge through the calf-deep snow to Libbie Hill park, and a fun night of Gin Rummy with the neighbors. Also, one bottle of white, one bottle of remorse (autocorrect for red??? Leaving it.), and some Tequila Sunrises at card night. Add in 10 episodes of Switched at Birth, 2 New Girl’s, and Swiss Family Robinson, and you’ve basically got my life for the past three days.

Don’t judge me. I also did two loads of laundry, vacuumed, swept, and changed the kitty litter. After washing my hands, I baked some Lemon Peppercorn Tilapia with mashed potatoes and green beans and attempted (and failed) to bake a cake for my friend’s birthday.


She will never see this. It’s not one of those “presentation’s not the best but it’s still delicious” cakes, either. It’s ugly on the outside, although I get points because it looks as if I actually made it from snow, and it’s flavor profile is a generous “meh”.Shoulder shrug optional.  Happy Birthday!!

Hope you all stayed warm and cozy and dry this past weekend, friends!  I’m gonna get back to my book “And God Changed His Mind” by Brother Andrew. I love that Dutchman. Or Hollander. Who knows.

Love and blankets.


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