Works for Me: Angela on Fitness


Meet Dolvett.

Ok, pick yourself up off the floor and meet Dolvett. (Cue En Vogue’s “Whatta Man”).

Dolvett Quince is one of the personal trainers from NBC’s “Biggest Loser”: a television show where contestants compete to shed the most pounds by the end of the season. It is motivational, and having an intelligent, polite trainer like D on the screen doesn’t hurt. Obviously by intelligent and polite I mean DAMN.

Anywho, my best friend Julie decided to give his book “The 3-1-2-1 Diet” a try and had major success with the program right away. I, trusting her as my guinea pig, bought the book on Kindle immediately.

The practical advice in Dolvett’s book lays out a clean eating program and exercise schedule including two (reasonable) cheat days per week. The simplicity of meal planning appealed to me and I have been eating and cheating clean for a week and a half, along with four good workouts last week!

I’ve lost three to four pounds, but I haven’t been the most strict concerning alcohol consumption and bowls of guacamole. I could definitely tighten the reins more and see measurable results before long. Ok, fine, I’ll do it.

The workout routines are 24 minutes of cardio interspersed with 24 minutes of strength training. Honestly, it gets a little repetitive so I switch it up with other workout videos from YouTube or 21-Day Fix. It does feel amazing to notice my muscles getting stronger and I can’t wait for my post-squats and lunges backside to firm up.

Conclusion: This is gonna be awesome and I truly believe I can sustain this healthy lifestyle.

Yay fitness!


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  1. Emily says:

    I want to follow your workout progress…Take some measurements so once you’ve lost it all you can share how many inches.


    1. Angela says:

      Already done 🙂


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