Anxiety Much?


Yesterday was THE BIG DAY.

The day I was waiting to find out just how screwed I’d be, car wise. Would I have to buy a new car? Would they give me three hundred dollars for everything as my step-dad secretly dreaded? What could I buy for three hundred dollars? A Schwinn and a purple helmet?

I had a claims adjuster (really nice guy, likes Irish Soda Bread) come Friday before last. He circled and poked and photographed and entered all the information into his Xactimate system.

He kindly informed me that as the car would cost more to repair than it was worth, it would be deemed a “total loss”, which meant I would get a check for what my car was worth pre-T-bone. If I wanted to keep and repair it myself, I would take less money by “buying” the car back from them.

I was nervous. Best-case-scenario as I looked in Kelley Blue Book was 2,300.00 for a car in “good” condition. Like, that would be the most I could hope for. Even then, I’d either have to take less and fix the car or buy a “new” one that could potentially be fruity. Think lemon.

My car has been so good to me throughout the years. Reliable is an understatement. So, it’s
been rough to think about getting rid of it for some unknown, unloved vehicle that has had someone else’s feet all over it. And a new car..who needs a car payment? Dave Ramsey would come to my house and punch me in the face.

The insurance company didn’t call me all week. I didn’t call them either. I didn’t even want to know how much they were going to give me, because I just knew it would be 1,500 or below. I didn’t necessarily think the other guy’s insurance company had my best interests at heart. I was pretty sure whatever they offered me wouldn’t be enough to hold on to my baby. Yes, I love my old, beat-up car.

I had asked people for prayer, and Monday sent a text to a friend asking him to pray for 2,300 or more. Couldn’t hurt, right? I called the insurance company, but got voicemail and didn’t get a call back. Were they dodging me? The knot in my stomach clenched a little tighter.

Finally, yesterday, I spoke with the agent. She gave me a number. And I started dancing around and thanking God.

2,544.90. And that’s with me keeping the car. It cost me less than 200 to keep it, and it runs fine.

Praise God.

Now my options are open. I have money for repairs or a decent used car depending on if my car passes inspection  (my mechanic thinks it will, as is).

I’ve been worried for nothing.

I loved getting to call my parents and tell them to add a couple thousand to what they thought I’d be getting.

God is good.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Deb says:

    Wonderful news. God is so kind to His children. Even if it wasn’t as nice a settlement, He is still kind to His children. Love you, Beautiful Girl!


    1. Angela says:

      Love you, too!


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