Crash Into Me (Or Don’t, Actually)


I just realized that “when the chips are down” is referring to poker chips.

I also thought “talk shop” meant talking about manly things, like shop class, but it actually means talking business. Who knew? (A-Everyone else, but, whatever.)

So anyway, my chips were down on Saturday. I got hit by some dude who missed his stop sign, and my passenger side got seriously smashed.


I was on my way to throw a Pampered Chef Party. My car was loaded with expensive, beloved cooking tools and Stoneware. My Rockcrok was in there, y’all. I had ten people waiting for
me on Southside to do some Pampered Chef magic with their already-bought ingredients.

So, I’m twenty minutes away from a party starting in fifteen, and I’m waiting for the police to come. I called several friends, but my best guy pal Nick was the quickest to shoot me back a text, and he (and his buddy) immediately left the movie they’d paid full price for and came to my rescue.

I was scared to drive my car, but I didn’t want to leave my PC host hanging. I needed to get there. I wasn’t seriously injured, and by God’s grace, not one item in my bag of very breakable cookware had a scratch, even though it had been hit directly by the impact and thrown across the car.

Nick transferred my things to his Altima and drove me down to do a very fun and successful show, and then came back to get me when I was done.

My friend Ashley also offered to do anything I needed, and chauffeured me to church the next day (although, let’s be honest, that happens regularly). 

My bestie from third grade, Julie, offered me use of their extra (expired tags) car if I can’t get a rental (there’s some question of coverage because the driver who hit me wasn’t the owner of the car).

I have realized lately that although I have a wide circle of friends, there’s really only a few that are always going to be there for you. I think it’s that way for everyone.

I am blessed by the ones who truly are there when “the chips are down”, and it makes me want to be that sort of friend that does the same: to give without hesitation, to be fully aware of someone else’s needs and not take my own selfishness into account.

God provides, and it’s important to see the blessings even in the annoyances.

I’m not hurt.

My car is still driveable (as I found out yesterday, because I can’t not go to work).

I have amazing friends.

It’s springtime in Richmond and I’m alive to enjoy it.

Amen and the end.


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