When Worlds Collide

I’m always right.

Right-brain, that is.

In school I discovered drawing was a wonderful way to tune out all that monotonous science-talk. I doodled on everything. 

I have always enjoyed writing, and my unpublished, handwritten African-American urban teenage love story is proof of my white, suburban imagination.

I have also loved music ever since my uncle Bill turned me on to Michael Jackson, and there is hardly a minute in the car where I’m not belting out Usher or yes, The Biebs. No shame. Well, maybe a little. I sing along to Christian music, too. Equal opportunity. I am a big fan of anything with soul, grit, beauty, and passion.

About two years ago I taught myself the guitar (a regift from a family member) watching instructional videos on YouTube. I won’t say I’m good (because I would be lying through my teeth),but I love learning songs.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to allow my passions to intertwine, so here you are, blog world!

This one grabbed my heart, so hopefully I do it passable justice 🙂

Waiting Game

Feel free to check out my other videos here on my YouTube page.

Love y’all.


P.S. Is it too late now to say sorry?

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