No Pants Roadtrip

Of all the important things to pack, pants are probably top of the list.

My friends Richie, Ashley, and I were halfway through West Virginia when I sat straight up in my seat and blurted “I forgot pants!”.

We were headed for an extended weekend in Kentucky to reunite with my former roomie/current bestie AshCap, who’d just returned from six months in Tanzania. Considering I’d brought only one dress and an extra pair of sweat pants, my outfit choices were about to be considerably more bizarre than I’d imagined.

Luckily there was a Marshall’s in the next major town. And a surprisingly bad cheese steak. It was a restaurant connected to a gas station. Go figure.


Check out my new pants! And the Ashleys’ matching Tanzania pants!

Our two and a half days in Kentucky were fun. We got to see Bardstown Road (kind of like a bigger, longer Carytown) and go to two of the most awesome bars I’ve ever seen. Richmond needs to step it’s game up.Also, the best Mac and Cheese I’ve ever had was discovered at a BBQ joint called Matt’s Feed Store (but not the best bbq). Afterwards we went to Cherokee Park and watched grown men in medieval garb playfight each other with foam bats.

Cigars and marshmallows next to the fire pit topped off our second day, and then Monday we went to a charming little town called Midway where we got lunch and walked around quaint shops. The restaurant was cute and country. The lady sitting behind us was not.

I understand that we were being silly. We were having a slightly inane conversation about grammar, and I heard the sixty-something woman say to herself (or her husband. Not sure because they weren’t really talking), “What a stupid conversation. Stupid.”

Now I have a bit of a temper, so by God’s grace all I said as I turned around was “I’m sorry our conversation is so stupid to you.” And then said loudly later, “At least we’re having a good time!” It took everything in me not to say “I hope your day is as pleasant as you are” to her as we were leaving, but I did walk really close by her on purpose to seem threatening. I’m known for being mature.

I almost left Midway with a bad taste in my mouth, but this sweet little lady who owned the antique shop saved the day. I spotted a painted metal sunflower basket and thought it was too cute to pass up. She gave it to me for half the sticker price, kept talking excitedly about all there was to do in Kentucky, and pointing out all the specialty Bourbon items she had in her store (and repeatedly exclaimed she didn’t drink, though). She also gave each of us a lollipop.

I let her know she had redeemed the town for me, and she frowned when I told her about the crotchety old lady at the restaurant. “Well,” she said, ” I guess sometimes you need a jerk to show you how nice everybody else is.”

I will carry that wisdom with me.

Next up we saw the Woodford Reserve Bourbon Distillery (actually kind of boring, you can’t just get a drink and hang out), and then Talon Winery, which I loved. Delicious wine tasting with a delightful server, and scrumptious wine cheese and crackers on the patio. Perfect ending.

We drove back yesterday with AshCap in tow, and I am looking forward to more adventures in the weeks to come!

Yay mini-vacay!


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