These Guys..


Who can you be fully, completely yourself with?

Which people can you trust with your secrets, your sorrows, and your deepest fears?

Who would you pee in front of?

Who can you laugh with until you collapse on the floor because your stomach hurts?

I am blessed to have a few of these friends.

I can use bad words from time to time and they know I don’t mean to; that my character is not defined by my mistakes, and that they can always count on me to give good advice and to lighten a tough conversation with a joke.

True friendship can take confrontation, because the love is worth fighting through.

It can stamp out jealousy with honest admiration and appreciation for the others’ strong points.

It is a hand to hold when the storm hits you head on.

It’s inside jokes for days.

It is knowing and being known, and loving anyway.

It is someone to sit around and do absolutely nothing with. Together.

I feel lucky. I feel loved.

I feel a poem coming on…

Thank you for being a friend.
Traveled down a road and back again.
Your heart is true.
You’re a pal and a confidante.
And if you threw a party,  invited everyone you knew..


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  1. I’ve never seen someone actually use the metric of peeing in front of them to measure friendship. Maybe it’s different for guys, since we can go standing up.


    1. Angela says:

      It’s a valid measurement 🙂

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      1. I don’t doubt it at all. My mind is blown at how much trust has to be involved.


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