You Are What You Eat

I always thought this was kind of a stupid saying. Something naturally thin people (ones who actually prefer lettuce to chocolate) said to make you feel bad about actually enjoying a magical place with Golden Arches. 

I had a credit for an audio book with Audible (they sucked me in again with a free two-month membership on Groupon), and I wasn’t sure what to get but I needed something to make gym hour more bearable. I rarely listen to music while I work out because it’s not distracting enough to make me forget that I’m, you know, working out.

I considered a James Herriot book ( I love his stories of being a country vet), but I’ve read them all and figured I should try something new. Eventually a title caught my eye: Folks, This Ain’t Normal by Joel Salatin.

Joel is a farmer from Swoope, Virginia. I first became familiar with him because he and his ethical farm, Polyface, were featured in the documentary Food, Inc. He is a loud voice in the fight against industrial farming, processed food, and GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). He and his family are large proponents of growing, raising , and eating real food the way God intended: in its natural state!

I am about halfway through the audiobook already, but a few things have made me go “huh.” One was that I finally understand “you are what you eat”. Biologically;on a cellular level, whatever we ingest will be absorbed into every atom of our body and have some sort of effect,whether good or bad. Those Oreos don’t just pass through harmlessly. Obviously, when you eat a lot of junk food you get fat. Duh. I just didn’t think of how food becomes a part of our actual physical composition. I’m slow sometimes ( maybe too many Oreos). The antibiotics, chemical pesticides, and harsh treatment of animals in factory farms affects us, whether we acknowledge the folly of our USDA approved “food” or not. It should affect us in an emotional level and spur us on to flat out unacceptable. If it doesn’t, it will catch up with us in medical ailments. Guaranteed. 

I love listening to Joel’s simple but dead-on wisdom regarding the way we live and the way we eat. So much, in fact, that I am planning to visit Polyface Farms this weekend, schedule permitting, with some friends to check out the magic for myself. They encourage people to come walk the farm and see for themselves how an ethical, sustainable farm is run. I’d bet Tyson Chicken wouldn’t let us past the gate.

Just some food for thought..


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  1. Deb says:

    Can’t wait to hear about it. You should try to get a tour of a Tyson farm – maybe you could get in. Love your writing!


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