Angela and the Ashleys’ European Vacation: All Good Things Come To An End

Only two vacation days left.

Real life loomed unappealingly just around the corner, and I wished with all my heart I could make time stand still. When again would I get to spend ten days in an exotic location with two of my best friends? Better enjoy the crap out of it while it lasted.

Our last day in Lagos was rather chill. We spent a couple hours back at Praia de Camilo (by far the most beautiful beach), then decided to explore “downtown” Lagos before we headed over to see Jamie’s band play.

Weirdest statue ever
 Souvenir shops and cafes galore. On the way to the marina we passed an open air market where AshWat tried on the most amazing, colorful patchwork overalls the world has ever seen. I thought she was just “clowning around” but she actually bought them . Luckily she would look attractive in a potato sack. She has great overall game. 

We were slightly early arriving at the marina so we got dinner first. As eight thirty we headed to the venue and were extremely pleased to discover Jamie’s two-man band was incredible.They covered so many great songs (George Michael’s Faith, for one), and John (Scottish singer and guitarist) had an amazing voice and an electric energy. They were truly fantastic and we stayed for the entire three hour set, singing along and dancing in our seats. At first everyone seemed to be just listening quietly but luckily as the beer kicked in they got into the music, too. It was the perfect way to end our time in Lagos.

The next morning we sadly repacked our now-sandy luggage and caught the bus back to Lisbon. We checked in to the Good Night Hostel, which was right in the center of the city, and chillaxed for a little bit. It was our last day of vacay, and we wanted to make the most of it.

We got an afternoon of walking and souvenir shopping in, then stopped at a famous confectionery where I had pineapple cake and the Ashleys had four chocolate pastel de natas. The waiter accidentally charged them for two of the right items and two wrong items (more expensive) and when they said, “No, we actually had four of these,” pointing at the receipt, he smiled and said, “No worries! Welcome to Lisbon!” He thought he was doing us a favor. We laughed and just let it be.

After Sangria

Back to the hostel for free Sangria Hour while we decided where to go for dinner. We liked this hostel much better. It was decorated in a warm, inviting way and didn’t seem so frat-like. The reception clerk suggested a place, and off we went. 

The menu read like this, so we were a little dubious, but the food was decent and we shared two little pitchers of strong, sweet wine. 

I did fall face-forward on the sidewalk on the way home, but it was because my sandal tripped on an uneven cobblestone. I was feeling nice, but the way my friends laughed at me you’d think I spilled wine all over my pants in a crowded airport bar. I wasn’t drunk.

The next morning we enjoyed a truly delicious gourmet (cooked by a chef!) breakfast of crepes with nutella and apples, cheesy tomato toast, and actual coffee. I would recommend Good Night Hostel to anyone in the Lisbon area. I’ve never stayed in one before this trip, but this place was great!(Compared to what?:Marcel the Shell)

Then, sadly, we headed off to the wildly unorganized Lisbon airport where we stood in the longest line I’ve ever seen for an hour just to check our bags. We tried not to cry as we neck-hugged Ash Cap. We were going home but she was staying for another two days and then flying to New Zealand for the last leg of her year of traveling.  I got a special search at the gate (lucky me) and then we were homeward bound.

We have many fond memories and quotes from this trip (“I’m not going to plan my day around baking a potato!”:Me ; “We’re in Lagos and we’re on vacation. I’m not saying we’re going to get crazy but you might want to change get your shirt”:Me, “Life’s a party, rock your body!”:Marcel the Shell) but what I loved most was having so much time and adventure with two of my favorite people. We get on each other’s nerves now and then, but I know that I can trust these girls with my heart and my life. They are the real deal and I’m so thankful for their friendship and presence in my life.

Accidental matchy matchy

What an amazing ten days. I’m ready to start planning next year’s adventure!


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  1. Very cool. George Michael, Faith I agree great song. Life’s a party rock your body. Great article. Fun read. Thank you.


    1. Angela says:

      Thanks 🙂


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