The Magic Formula

This is what you’ve been waiting for. 

Friends, the wait is over!

We all know I’m a big, capital- W-Weirdo when it comes to traveling. 

If I’ve read the temperature in Norway fluctuates between “hypothermia” and “eight layers should do ya”, there’s nor way I’m going there. It’s probably  beautiful,  but I’ll never know. 

But, Angela, you’ll  say, every place has it pluses and minuses. You’ll miss the good if you focus on the bad.

True. I fully acknowledge that. You’re a smart cookie.

So I’ll let you in on my must-have for travel destinations.  


This is my formula for picking a vacation spot. 
Welcome to my crazy.

Must Haves:

1. Coastline. Bodies of water relax me, and the ocean is my fave. Plus, the atmosphere near beaches is always festive and chill, and there’s usually a margarita close by. I appreciate the beauty of mountains, so if there are some near the beach  (like in Haiti:so gorgeous! )that is a plus but I am not even a little bit of a camper and the woods aren’t my thing so just-mountain destinations aren’t top of my list. 

2.Good Food

Mexico? Let’s go! I (surprise, surprise ) like to eat. Therefore,  if pickled herring or curried tofu is the main staple of a country, I ain’t going. I love exploring little restaurants and cafes when I travel, and I want to enjoy it! Spain, France, and Italy sound nice..
3. Hot Men.

Portugal was a gold mine. I am attracted mainly to certain ethnicities, so we can safely vote yes to South America, Europe, the Carribean, Australia, and parts of Africa. Ooh  and maybe some Pacific Islands..

I told you I’m weird.

However, with all three of these  vital boxes checked off, I’m bound to have a good time.

There you have it. The perfect recipe for an Angela-approved vacation.

You’re welcome. 

Love you guys and thanks for indulging me.


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