Sexy and I Know It

Me, rubbing my hands together vigorously to get my “Up and At ‘Em” blend of essential oils thoroughly mixed.

Brings hands to face.

Gets too much citrus up the nose and starts gagging.

Says to myself “You’re a peach. A peach.”

Gets back in bed.

I look homeless. I’m wearing fuzzy purple socks and an Easter-themed “Everything’s Coming up Bunnies”t-shirt. My hair falls somewhere between frizzy and sleepwalking.

I’ve had a slight cough and chills and hot flashes for the past week, but yesterday I knew I was in trouble. Achy head, uncomfortable sinus pressure, lungs full of yuck, and a sexy, full throated cough that shakes my whole body . Hooray. 

I had to call out of work yesterday, and then with a sinking feeling I reread the notice I’d received three days ago (yesterday it finally stopped raining) to cut the grass next to the sidewalk. I had 48 hours (aka time was up) to fix it.This would be fine except my lawnmower has been on the fritz for the past three months. I tried and tried to get it to start but no dice.

I spent an unhappy hour pulling weeds by hand and looking woefully at the longest stretch of overgrowth. I was too tired. There was no way. 

Then I had a eureka moment. I quickly texted my friend/neighbor  Sarah and she sweetly agreed to let me borrow her weedwacker and clippers.  Nose running, head aching,  I spent another hour (plus a gas run) pulling weeds,  trimming grass, and clipping unruly tree limbs.

Thank God for motorized yard tools and good neighbors.

Afterwards I collapsed on the couch and watched the premier of Grey’s Anatomy, and then I stumbled up to bed.

Today, my normal day off, I really wanted to take a car load of stuff to Goodwill,  stop by the bank and the local produce stand, and come home and bake bread and pizza. 
I don’t think that’s happening. 

Essential oils aside, I’m stinking tired. 

Guess it’s me, James Herriot, and whatever movies I’m going to sleep through.



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