Peace for the Future

AshLueb and I are doing a study on the book of Daniel. Well, she accidentally got the leader guide instead of the workbook so I’m a week ahead of her. Womp womp.

In today’s lesson, Beth (we’re on a first name basis) is teaching about King Nebuchadnezzar’s prophetic dream. It made him fear for his life and position, and caused him to make death threats to all of the “wise men” (think magicians, sorcerers, and astrologers) if they couldn’t interpret said dream.

He was shook.

Beth then asked when was the last time a dream really got to me, and I immediately thought of the God dream I had right before our church went through a huge (and slightly catastrophic) transition.

It was night.I was in a car stuck in traffic on 64 (actually a chauffeured Buttercream Rolls Royce with my friend Nick in the backseat next to me??). I could see Church Hill (my neighborhood) in the distance and it was on fire. As we sat there, suddenly, a white office building up the highway a bit suddenly exploded into a million crystal confetti pieces as the windows simultaneously shattered from what could only be atomic force..and it was coming towards us. I closed my eyes and prayed for God to save my friend. As for me, I was amazingly calm. I wasn’t scared. I felt the pressing wave of heat slide over the car..and woke up. 

This dream stuck with me because I knew it wasn’t just a dream. It was a God thing.  I’ve had a few. 

What made me happy, even in the midst of such a disturbing message, was the peace that transcended even a surely devastating situation. Even in my sleep, I trusted and believed in love and protection of God. 

To be honest, our lives were upended after that. Spiritual and relational battle was the blueprint for our prayer lives for the next year and a half. It was a really hard time. But we made it through and God never left us. Not once. Healing came, and life went on.

You see, the reason Nebuchadnezzar was so paranoid and frightened was because he knew there was Someone out there who was more in control than he was.

He may have been king of the greatest empire in the world, but he was afraid for the future, and he had every right to be.

Daniel, on the other hand, was a captive. He had been hauled 900 miles away from home, given a new name (Belteshazzar. Call me Shazzy) and forced into service of a foreign king. His life wasn’t as hard as some, but he still was in a crazy, life-changing situation. However, he believed in God. Even when his life was threatened, he remained calm and trusted that God was with him.

In the end, his trust was proved right and he was delivered through the literal fire when King Nebuchadnezzar attempted to have him killed. 

Neb, through his tempestuous relationship with Daniel, came to believe in God, though he continued to suffer because of his unwillingness to let go of his pride (once with a prophesied seven year bout of insanity! Daniel 4:33) I actually googled King Nebuchadnezzar and came across this gem

I just find it amazing how much peace comes from knowing and trusting in God. I’ve lived with and without it, and the alternative is not fun.

All.throughout Scripture the people of God have had reason to rejoice and look forward to the future. I’m happy to count myself among them.

I hope you do, too.


P.S. The role of AshWat is now being played by AshLueb. Life.

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