New Year’s, Poop, and Limousines

I never thought a cat dropping a deuce could bring me so much joy, yet here I sit, watching intensely as Bentley enters the box. He strains, he shudders, and…the eagle has landed! The crowd goes wild!

Well, by the crowd I mean me, obviously.

These past ten days have been eventful.

I had recently noticed my cat Bentley was having an inordinately hard time going number two. Like, dude was trying with all his might but nothing was happening. Because he’d been hit by a car as a kitten, the lady at the shelter had warned me when I adopted him he might have issues as he grew depending on how his fractured pelvis healed.

It was obvious now, a year later, those potential problems were a reality.

Off to the vet we rushed. X-rays revealed his pelvis had indeed healed very narrow, so waste was having trouble getting through. Two enemas, three hundred dollars, and a stool softener prescription later, we went home. 

I wet Bentley’s dry food as the vet had advised, and added some soft, canned food to his diet. He seemed better for a day or so, probably due to all that junk not sitting in his tummy anymore, but I quickly realized he was still not able to go.

Over the weekend we celebrated New Years and Ash Lueb’s last weekend in Richmond. On Monday she was off to PA school in Norfolk. We started the weekend off right with a Catan game night at Cadu’s (which, by the grace of God AshCap didn’t hate!!!), and then Saturday we did it up big :Sunday Five Friend’s New Year’s Eve Limo Party!  We all dressed our best (or our very worst) and took to the streets! Okay, our first stop was a Wal-Mart on Southside, but we also hit The Jefferson, Belly Timber, and a house party as our grand finale. Sunday was quieter, but after everyone got naps out of the way we met in Carytown for a final meal together at Mom’s Siam (I love you, Drunken Noodles!). 

It was a bittersweet weekend: wonderful because we were all together but sad knowing AshLueb wouldn’t be around anymore. 

Monday she left, and <unrelated>I started my month-long veggan experiment. I say experiment because it’s not a diet and it’s not a fast. It’s just a thing I like to do from time to time because I feel great when I eat this way. Oh, and “veggan” isn’t a misspelling. It’s a vegan who eats eggs (legit farm fresh ones in my case). Makes it loads easier.

I also decided no alcohol for a month but it’s in the rules that you must have wine on snow days, so who am I to argue?
Tuesday I was back at the vet getting a “home treatment” for Bentley. For the low, low price of ten dollars I could shove two enemas up my cat’s backside while he yowled in complete outrage and consternation. I was pretty wrecked emotionally by the end of the day, so I can only imagine how he felt. He forgave me and laid face to face with me, fast asleep over my heart. I love this little guy.

Since then I have been waiting and watching. I’ve asked God to do a miracle for my little cat. I know he’s just an animal but he’s the sweetest. He’s a good companion and he loves me as much as I love him. People have prayed, and so far, it’s looking hopeful. I’m trying to trust that God’s got this. We’ve switched to wet food completely, and we’ve had a couple of solid “victories.”

Spencer and Bentley challenged me to a game of chess this past Thursday

Now as I sit after a morning of shoveling snow with the dear friends I live with, Bentley is warm and snuggly in my lap as I type. The snow is still blowing beautifully, swirling over the roof as I gaze out of my cozy third story bedroom, and we are content.

Tomorrow will come, and with it its own worries, but today is a day of rest (now, anyway!) 

Happy Snow Day!

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