The S Word

Still true..

Living Well


Another of my friends slips into a white dress, walks down an aisle, and says “I do.” She’s  beautiful and they are obviously crazy about each other.  I raise my third glass of wine at the reception, and say, from my heart, “It was nice knowing you.”

At our age, the statistics aren’t  pretty. More single women lose friends to marriage than any other natural disaster. Websites like “E-Harmony” and “” are wiping out singles in droves, and the generous liquor laws in our country make an easy target of usually  sensible women. I’ve lost friends. You have too.

Ok, I’m mostly kidding. But I’ll be honest, it kind of sucks when people who used to be up for anything now have to do things “as a couple with couples” (ACWC). It’s cool, I guess. I’ve got Netflix.

Sometimes it’s hard to be stuck, so to say, in a season…

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