40:40 Day 2

Happy Tuesday!

In case you missed yesterday’s post, I’m committing to 40 days of remembering God’s faithfulness to bolster my faith, and 40 days of prayer, knowing God can do all that we pray for and more according to His will if we only have the faith to ask! 

Today’s GSU (God Showed Up) Story:

Seven years ago I worked at a restaurant with an atheist man named Zac. Although he wasn’t outright mean, little snarky comments and not-so-subtle eye rolls let me know what he thought of my faith in God. One day Zac was serving a family who was being ridiculously picky. They needed new silverware, their Calamari was undercooked, they even sent back their Frozen Mango Smoothie! I mean, how can a smoothie not live up to your expectations? 

I told Zac that I would pray for them to stop complaining. I think he just looked at me blankly and mumbled, “Thanks.”

They didn’t stop complaining. Their Chicken Marsala was promptly returned to the kitchen, and I couldn’t help but wonder if I was going to look like an idiot. 

God did something different. In the summer, sometimes our air conditioning vents in the ceiling would release little drops of moisture. Somehow, all the condensation pooled directly over their table and literally rained sheets of water down over the entire family and all their food. They had to get up and leave, and they definitely needed to change their clothes!  I’ve never seen that happen before or since, and it was all I could do not to laugh gleefully as we all watched, wide-eyed. 

Zac didn’t give God credit, but our manager (also an atheist) came up to me and said “I heard you made it rain on Zac’s table!” I just laughed. Who knows? I hope both men will remember and wonder if just maybe there’s something to the whole God thing!


That we (I) would delight in God so completely that others would be drawn to him through our joy, peace, and contentment.

*Pray for J’s complete healing from the masses that are forming near her spine and pressing on her organs, and for financial provision for any medical treatment!

Thanks for praying with me! Please add any prayers I can help you pray for!


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