40:40 Day 3

Today’s God Showed Up is one I heard from Francis Chan, a dynamic Chinese-American pastor from California. Francis is serious about God and heartbroken about the state of the church in America. His life and teaching demonstrate a fierce passion for the people of God to live according to God’s word and for God’s kingdom. He gave up a cushy job at a mega-church in Southern California, believing God wanted him somewhere else. After a year of uncertainty, he felt God calling him to an impoverished area of San Francisco. This story took place soon after he relocated. I heard it in an audio message, so this is the Angela Paraphrase.

Francis and some of his small congregation in San Francisco planned a huge cookout as a way to meet local people in the community.  A date was set and people got busy cooking! One thing was missing, though. Meat. The baby church, though full of great ideas, was low on cash. They prayed for God to provide, but there were no donations that even came close to what they would need to cook for so many people. The morning before the cookout, they did the only thing they could do. They prayed again. Not thirty minutes later, Pastor Francis got a phone call. It was from Trader Joe’s. 

This is how the call went:

TJ’s: “Pastor Chan, we have a problem we were wondering if you could help us with!”

FC: “Um, what’s up?”

TJ’s: “Our freezers all broke last night and we need to get rid of a truckload of meat pronto. Someone mentioned your name, so we were wondering if you could use a whole bunch of meat? Totally free, of course.”

FC: “I guess that would work for us. Do you deliver?”

Only God. 


Praying for God to show up in a big way today to confirm something. Sorry that’s so evasive, but I would really appreciate prayer in this!

*For God to completely heal the masses growing in J’s back and for financial provision for any medical treatment.

Have an amazing day!


Photo Credit: http://www.pamperedchef.com

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