40:40 Day 4

Shots, shots, shots, shots,shots, shots, shots!

Shots aren’t cheap.

I needed two vaccinations before I got on a plane to Haiti. We had raised money for our mission trip, but any extras were on us. The first provision surprised me.

I went to a neighborhood community fair with some friends from church who did outreach there. Leaders in Richmond had been working with residents to improve conditions in the community, and as we gathered to listen to their heart and vision one speaker announced that in addition to the refreshments, there was also a free vaccination event taking place. I got my required shot plus a lagniappe: people were worried about the swine flu that summer so I went ahead and checked that off my list!

Now all I needed was my Hepatitis vaccination.  I scheduled an appointment and prayed for God to somehow make it free. It wasn’t. I paid and just figured God had already provided enough.  Then I got a phone call.

Nurse: Hello, we have some bad news.

Me: ?

Nurse: When you came in last Friday we accidentally gave you the child’s dose of the hepatitis vaccine. We’re so sorry. If you please can come in we can give you another dose and we will also send you a full refund.

Me: No problem. 🙂

God didn’t have to do that, but when we are about his business he delights in showing us that he’s with us every step of the way. It gives us faith for the hard stuff.

P.S. You can read all about my amazing trip to Haiti here:



Pray for God’s people (and me!) to desire his word and his presence with a renewed passion and that we would put that time first in our daily lives.

*Pray for J to be miraculously healed of strange masses in her back and for any medical expenses to be provided for. 

Be hopeful today. 


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