40:40 Day 12

God speaks to me through license plates.

Not all the time, mind you, but when he does it’s clear and so specific that I can’t believe otherwise.

Take, for example, the time I was praying in my car, asking God to let me be completely open and without any pretense before him, laid bare in his presence. Not thirty seconds later, a sporty little red car drove by with the license plate “NKD B4 GD”. 

This same thing has happened countless times, although once I got a little bitter because I was praying about a man I really liked and a purple minivan drove right in front of me with “DATE” on the license plate. I mean, who has that on their license plate? It had to be for me, right? Apparently not, because that relationship never came about. 

A little over a  year ago, when Julie’s kids were still stuck in Congo, we had a Fanta day for all the people praying to bring them home. I grabbed the delicious, nutritious orange soda from the Kroger on Lombardy and took a selfie in the car to show my solidarity. As I swung around to Belvidere, ready to hit the highway and go home, I spotted a black sedan with CONGO boldly displayed on the back plate. Of course I snapped a pic and sent it to Julie, because she knows about the license plate thing.

My favorite, most memorable time came one day on the way to work. I was struggling with not hating one of my co-workers. Don’t judge. You do it, too. Anyway, I was at a light and I closed my eyes for a minute and prayed “God, please help me to love other people better.”

I opened my eyes to see if the light was green yet, and to my great surprise the white car directly in front of me had a license plate that read “LV ME 1ST”.  

This great spiritual truth at the corner of Broad and Pump has stuck with me. I need to really love God in order to be healthy enough to care for others. I love that he uses such a weird way to show me he’s there. It makes me smile.


Pray for believers and unbelievers to see God’s presence in a very real way today, beginning with me!

*Pray for J to be completely healed from growths in her back and for financial provision.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Janet Wiltshire says:

    Love this, LOVE you! ❤


    1. Angela says:

      Love you, too ♡


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