40:40 Day 13

Jesus often comes to Muslims in dreams. 

In one story, a missionary in a Muslim country recounts being greeted on the tarmac in a Middle Eastern country by a man who insisted they must talk. In spite of misgivings,the missionary agreed and they went to a private place where the man explained that a Shining Being had come to him in a dream and urged him to meet the plane that day. He was told that the first white man who deplaned would be able to tell him the truth about God. 

One such story I heard from a Middle Eastern friend personally. They had come to complete their studies at the local university, and had begun to hear more about Jesus. He sounded wonderful, but to believe meant to face harsh consequences from family and community, possibly even death! Also, my friend wasn’t completely sold. Islam claimed to be the true religion and so did Christianity. What was the truth? 

One night my friend had a dream. In it appeared several leaders of world religion, including Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammed. Every person had a red “X” over them, save one. Jesus had a green check mark. 

Needless to say, my friend now is a believer in Jesus, and has had their faith confirmed in many other ways since.


Pray for believers to be so joyful in their faith that we would draw others in like the smell of good food draws people in to dinner! 

* For J to be miraculously healed and for financial provision!

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