40:40 Day 14


I’m really not the most responsible car owner.
I get my  oil changed maybe once a year, and I would almost definitely  electrocute myself if I tried to use jumper cables.

God has shown up many times  when it comes to my car. I guess he knows what’s beyond my limitations! 

Just last year, at the end of summer when storms are rolling in almost nightly as the weather begins to shift, I parked my car in a spot facing a tree-covered slope. It was around 4:30 p.m., and as I started to get out of the car, I remembered there was a tornado watch for the area. I eyed the tall tree towering over my vehicle, and decided to play it safe and park somewhere else.

I turned the key to turn on the engine…and….nothing happened.  It wouldn’t start. 

I was confused. I hadn’t had any trouble with it previously, no indication anything was wrong. What could it be?

My kitchen manager was leaving work and passed by, and I called out to him “Know anything about cars?”

He did and he spent the next three hours (in the rain) diagnosing, jump starting,  and driving to buy me a new battery, all after a long day at work!

The God part was that I almost never move my car after I’ve gotten to work and by all rights should have come out at 11:00 at night and had no one to help me, and no ride home! 

God timed my dead battery at exactly the right time,  and coincided that tornado watch so that I’d discover the issue right as help was available.

He is good.

Prayer: Pray for J’s masses in her back to disappear! Praise: She is feeling a lot better and her bill from the E.R. was much less than she expected!

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