40:40 Day 19


Moving stinks.

Weeks of packing, cancelling utilities, cleaning..it’s one chore after another!

I’d done most of what I needed to do, but had procrastinated on letting my old roommate know we were moving. We rented the stacked washer and dryer that she’d brought with her when we’d first moved in, and she could be slightly erratic sometimes so I was afraid she’d be angry I waited so long to tell her. I’d purposefully put it off because I was worried she’d try to sell it as soon as possible and leave us without a washer dryer for the last month or two.

Anyway, I had to tell her. She lived in a small apartment in the same part of town, so I wasn’t sure where she would put the large machine or if she’d be able to sell it quickly. I felt like a jerk and asked God to help make this situation good.

Hesitantly, I called. She was surprised to hear from me but immediately told me that she was getting married! I was sincerely happy for her and congratulated her. Then I let her know the situation with the washer and dryer. I told her if she wanted to try to sell it I could let people in to look, but she quickly said that she wanted it. She was moving in with her husband to be and would have a rental truck on the twenty-third, could she come pick it up then? 

That was the last week we’d be in the house, two days after I’d already moved out, actually. It worked out perfectly, and I was so relieved that I hadn’t put her in a sticky situation.

God is more than willing to work out every detail if we just ask!

Prayer: For a trust in God that produces sunshiny-day peace in the midst of the storm.

* For J to be completely healed from the masses growing in her back.

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