40:40 Day 18


Things had gotten rough at home.

The one roommate I had left broke our front window while I was in Portugal and said it was a break in, leaving the house an hour later with a gaping, jagged hole. My friend Richie went over at three a.m. to make sure Bentley was ok and found him staring wide-eyed right through the open glass. Not. Cool. Thankfully Richie was my hero and took Bentley home with him to be in a safe place for the remainder of my trip.

I got home a week later and there was still broken glass all over. I was furious. I knew I wouldn’t continue living with this girl when the lease was up. Living with people who weren’t Christians was not working well for me, and they weren’t the easiest to find. Should I try again with new people or was my time in this house up? I’d been there for five years and had some great memories there.

Meanwhile, current roommate had dropped all semblance of being nice and was bringing sketchy people over constantly; smoking weed in the house and being loud all through the night.I was absolutely miserable. 

I dropped a prayer request in the popcorn bucket. “Please give me a clear sign if I should move or stay when my lease is up!”

Two days later I got an email stating that our landlord had decided to sell the house. I didn’t have a choice, and that was a blessing.

Now, safe and snug in a home with my best friend and her family, there is no stress, only love and laughter and security. I will have to move again someday, but this has been the perfect place to recoup and find peace. 

God is good, and I’m glad he is willing to push me when I’m not sure which direction to take!

Prayer: Pray for the spirit of apathy to be defeated in our churches

*Pray for J to be completely healed and healthy!

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