40:40 Day 23


One perk of moving to Richmond was that my job had a branch twenty minutes away from my new home.

One downside was that three people I really did not want to work with again had transferred down a year ago to open the store. 

One manager was the most nit-picky, arrogant and condescending person I’d ever met, not to.mention he thought he was God’s gift to women.  The other manager was nicer, but I could tell he’d always thought I was an idiot after the time I drank a bunch of glass because the bottle I’d purchased at a convenient store had been shattered on the inside. He thought I was stupid to want to go to the doctor, but I went anyway. After that, I never felt sincerity from him. The third winner was a girl who was full of venom and would start talking smack about the same person she’d just been friendly to as soon as they walked away.

Unbeknownst to me, as I started that September, all three of them had signed a year-long contract in Richmond, and by the time I arrived on the scene, both managers were already gone and Amanda left a month later.

It really impressed on me that when we say yes to following God, he really will work out the details.


Pray for God to raise up an army of believers who will care more about obeying God than protecting comfort, starting with me!

*Pray for miraculous, God-glorifying healing for J.

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