40:40 Day 35


I’m telling you, I think God really shows up in my life in regards to car repair.

When I was living on my own my bills were overwhelming, so when the mechanic told me I needed an eighty dollar brake change, I cringed. It wasn’t necessary to pass inspection, but it was necessary none the less. “That’s fine,” I said, even though it wasn’t. 

I spent the next hour wandering around Barnes and Noble waiting for them to finish, hoping they wouldn’t take too long because I had to work that evening.

I called, they said it wasn’t quite ready yet. After another hour I was getting worried about the time so I called again. They said unfortunately they hadn’t been able to get to the brakes, but if I was in a hurry I couldn’t bring it back in the morning. 

I went back over to the auto shop, paid for my sixteen dollar inspection, and drove away. A few minutes later I got a phone call.

Apparently there has been some miscommunication, because one of the mechanics indeed had fixed my brakes. The man on the phone teased me, saying the police were going to come after me since I didn’t pay for it, but then good-naturedly told me that this one was on the house since it had been their mistake. 

Worked for me. I smiled and knew God had my back.

Prayer: For Christians to see God’s very real provision and presence in their life today,starting with me!

*Complete, miraculous healing for J 

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