40:40 Day 36

My friend Alicia has the gifts of prayer and contagious laughter. Both equally important.

I knew she would set an alarm for some weird time, like 5:37 a.m., each morning and she would pray for Cyprus or whatever God was laying on her heart, and then go back to sleep. I really admired her dedication to prayer, but maybe thought she was going just a tad overboard sometimes.

Enter Roy. Roy was a homeless alcoholic man in his forties who started coming to our Sunday morning service at Aletheia. He ended up living with one of the college students from our church and growing in his relationship with the Lord, but every now and then would have a relapse.

One morning, out of the blue, Alicia texted me. “We need to be praying for Roy.” She wasn’t sure why, but God had clearly laid this burden on her heart.

A few days later we found out that Roy was missing. He turned up a week later at a hospital in Virginia Beach, badly beaten. He had been on a bender and ran into the wrong people. But, he was alive.

How did Alicia know???

The only explanation is that God told her, and that he uses prayer to move in our lives. It’s just how he works, and it’s pretty awesome.

Tomorrow, I will be sharing another Alicia prayer story, and it’s one that still fills me with joy and awe because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God cares deeply about us and all the stuff we face in this life. Each one is precious to him. Don’t miss it!
Prayer: For us to see God moving and answering prayer in mighty ways today!

*Complete healing for J and the mysterious knots in her back!

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