40:40 Day 39


Wow. Just one more day to go in this series. 

God has showed up so many times in so many ways.

Sometimes he answers even dumb prayers, just because he can.

A few months ago I was waiting on an a sweet older couple at the restaurant, and out of nowhere a thought popped into my head and I thought it would be fun to pray for them to leave me a twenty dollar tip.

Their bill was only fifty dollars, and that was only because they’d gotten a bunch of desserts to go. 

I smiled and thanked them as they left, and then when I picked up the check book my jaw dropped. A twenty dollar tip.

Now, as nice as that was,  twenty bucks not a crazy, extravagant amount of money. I had an awesome lady come in last night and leave me the same on a thirty dollar check (thanks, Cheryl!!!). The fact is, people don’t normally leave double the regular tip amount for no reason. God must have prompted them, just so that my faith would be strengthened. It certainly worked.


For God’s people to see him at work around them today, starting with me!

*For J’s back to be healed miraculously from mysterious growths. Today would be good.

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