40:40 Day 38


God’s provision doesn’t always look miraculous.

Sometimes he lets us know he’s there with us in the work-week monotony, in busyness and routine, especially when we ask. Just because it’s an ordinary day doesn’t mean he’s not awesome and powerful and willing to work in our lives.

Cut to Thursday.

I don’t mind food running at work because it’s a break from waiting tables, but it’s usually less money because you have to tip share with someone else.

Last Thursday I had a food running shift. I was also scheduled to work a dumb section in the morning which I was not looking forward to. I would rather have Friday off to spend time with a friend who needed it. I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask.

“God, can you get rid of my second food runner so I can make all the money and take tomorrow off?”

I’ve probably prayed this prayer twenty times in the past (not for a day off but when I’ve been short on money), and I’m not joking when I say it has a pretty high success rate. One time I prayed and even though they had three extra patio people and it was raining, they sent the patio servers home and moved my second food runner to  a section. So, I waited to see how God would do it this time.

I went in to work at five and immediately my manager told me their curbside had called out and they’d have to use my second food runner. I just smiled and said that was fine.

It was busy because of spring break, so I was working at double speed and I’d say I got a decent workout in the process. At the end of the night I had a respectable amount of money and was able to release the dreaded Bar 3 morning shift. Someone picked it up right away (we have an online scheduling system) and I got to spend Friday with my friend instead.

Prayer: For God to lead his people to where we are serving others effectively and joyfully and using our unique gifts.

*For J’s back to be miraculously healed and for God to get the praise!

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