Learning to Pray


We all long to see God do big things, and recently I read the book “Moving Mountains” by John Eldredge. John’s message was that we can see great victory and experience God in awesome ways when we engage in purposeful, effective prayer. I am trying! Below is a mash-up of some of what John said, and of my own heart. It is an application and declaration of the truth and power of what Jesus has already accomplished on our behalf! Feel free to try it out, discarding what doesn’t feel right for you, if you want. I hope this is helpful; it certainly has been for me!


Good morning, Abba! I thank you for this new day and all that you will do. Father God, I know you delight in the prayer of your children, and I ask you to lead me by your Holy Spirit to pray in accordance with your will.Jesus, I pray also by your authority and power, transferred to me when you took my place on the cross and shed your blood so that I could be restored to the Father. I acknowledge your absolute power, your awesome holiness, and your utter “other-ness”, God. In reverence and grateful joy, I adore you because you have called me to be under your love and your protection through no merit of my own, but simply because you delight in me. I don’t understand it God, but help to to believe it and walk confidently in that truth. I am loved by God of the universe. I am intimately known, completely forgiven, and fully accepted. I deserve death, but you say I get abundant life.  This is my joy and my strength. Thank you, Father. Renew my heart and mind to truly appreciate all of it, and flood me with joy and peace in your love for me.

In faith, Father, I ask for your kingdom to come on earth today: in my heart, my mind and my will, in my body, soul, and spirit; in my home, my workplace, and in my circle of influence.I dedicate and consecrate myself, my desires, my attitude, my choices, and all that is to come today to you because you are God and I am not! You are my God, and I belong to you and no other. I need you desperately today, and every day.

God, this morning I am thankful for ___________.

I praise you for all the good things I have to be thankful for today, Father.

God, in this time I also confess my sin. I sincerely apologize for __________. Cleanse me and restore me,God. Because you give grace I need to give grace, too. I forgive ______ for their sin, as well.  I  know that there is a very real and active enemy of my soul who wants nothing more than to see me defeated, but in the name of Jesus I declare victory over sin, death, and condmenation!  In the name of Jesus, I bind, banish and order the spirit of _____ to go to the judgment seat of Christ and never return. I am covered by your blood, declared spotless and righteous! I break any agreement I have ever made with lies told to me by the enemy. I ask you, Holy Spirit, to show me any place I have believed a lie over God’s truth and break every bond and chain there. Come into that hurt and broken place, Jesus; heal and restore. Replace lies with  your truth. I lay down my pain and sorrow for your love and peace.

Confident of your forgiveness and restoration, I present my body to Jesus Christ as an instrument of righteousness. My body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. I renounce every way I have misused or abused it, and bring every act under Christ’s atoning blood. Jesus, cleanse my body once more, and Holy Spirit, come, fill your temple! 

Holy Spirit, I receive your hope, love, joy, and faith; your beauty, goodness, and trueness; your wisdom, power, and strength; your holiness and integrity in all things. I ask for an extra measure of faith, wisdom, and discernment (or whatever the day calls for). Let me be sensitive to and aware of your presence and work both in and around me. Grant me an obedient heart to respond to your leading. I stand in agreement with all those praying for me by the Spirit of God, and by his Spirit alone.

Jesus, apply to me all the work and triumph in your resurrection! I receive it with thanks, and I give it total claim to my spirit,soul, and body; my mind, heart, and will. I gratefully receive you, Jesus, as my authority, rule, and dominion, and my everlasting victory against the evil one and his kingdom, and my ability to bring your kingdom at all times and in every way. All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to you, Jesus, and you’re worthy to receive all glory, honor, power, and dominion, now and forever! I take my place now in your authority and I give myself to you to reign with you always. 

I bring this authority over my heart, mind,body ,soul, spirit and will; over my day, my decisions, my attitude, my relationships, and my faith. I place your cross between me and every person, letting only the love of God between us.In your power and by your name I push back the darkness and I love your kingdom, forgetting my own. I summon your angels to my side, to fight for me and protect me and in agreement with your word I put on on the full armor of God: the belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, shoes of the gospel of peace, the shield of faith,the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit. 

 Father God lead me, guide me, provide wisdom and strength and joy for the day. Grow my faith and protect me from evil. Provide for my needs and the needs of your people around the world. Give me your eyes, your heart, your faithfulness, and your passion for people to know you. Let me walk boldly in the path you set out for me today, with complete trust and joy. Amen.

*Of course, we will add other prayers as needed, for healing, help, situations; this is just a standard prayer to align our hearts and minds with God before the day comes rushing in 🌸

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