New Year, Same Me

Angela, December 31- Up a few pounds because, well, cheese. Wondering when things will finally come together because life hasn’t progressed by standards of the “American Dream”. Also, I live in an attic with my constipated cat and rang in New Years on the couch wearing teddy bear pajamas and commenting on how good people look “for their age.” Because the stars of my youth have dimmed a bit (not you, Mariah!) and it’s not depressing AT ALL to realize you have no idea who most of the popular entertainers are, or how K-Pop is actually a real thing.

Angela, Jan 1- I have magically become organized, motivated, and focused. I will lose the first 10 pounds by Wednesday and spend my time being scheduled and productive. Netflix is dead to me; I don’t even like dairy, and in fact I can just eat raw vegetables from here on out. My professional goal to combat America’s health crisis and make enough money to buy a little house should be feasible by March. Also, I can probably, no definitely, publish a book somewhere in my spare time. And 37 is the new 29 and I can still get married and have a baby as long as I do it in the next half-hour.


Here’s a few highlights (and low lights?) from 2017:

March: Became a vegetarian. Actually stuck with it. I still crave meat occasionally, but I haven’t given in!

April: Found amazing community and purpose in Juice Plus (once I realized it was legit) and began talking to people, animals, and lampposts about the HUGE importance of nutrition. Still passionate, still talking. Sorry not sorry. Also journeyed to Kentucky for a wedding.

Over the summer, I went on a mini-vacay to Wilmington, NC with the Ashleys and did a lot of karaoke. And other things. Also, went to a JP boot camp (training retreat) in the mountains of Georgia and had a blast. Also, lost 20 pounds somewhere. If you find it you can keep it.

In the fall I cut off all my hair, went to Indianapolis for another JP event, and decided to quit my job by the end of the year, which I did. My last scheduled day is Jan 9, and I don’t have anything else lined up yet and that is TERRIFYING but God has clearly told me to take this step of faith and I am excited to see where He is leading me next.

Also, not to not be pessimistic, but I love living in the attic because I am part of my best friend’s amazing family and it feels just like home, and I chose to spend New Years in the couch because the people I love were sitting next to me. My constipated cat is still alive by God’s grace and I love him so.

While I actually am eliminating alcohol (at least in January) and trying to kick my Cheddar habit to the curb, what I really want for 2018 is to nourish. Myself, my friendships, and most importantly my faith and relationship with God. Health is so much more than a number on a scale, it is well- being, wholeness: emotional, spiritual, and physical.

My aunt passed away right after Christmas, and though she lived far away I will miss her. I never got to tell her that we were alike in many ways..would she believe the girl who threw away her unopened tofu because GROSS and “you can’t make me eat that!” is now a vegetarian, too? Or that we share a deep love for animals and gardening and loving on the international community? I wish I’d told her, and maybe shared how I’ve seen evidence that God is indeed there and here and loving us right now. We never know what tomorrow will bring, do we?

While I know overnight change is not usually sustainable, a long obedience in the same direction is.

My goal is to be faithful to move steadily in the direction of Jesus, my convictions, and that which brings blessing and joy.

Also, I’ve already had a marriage proposal this year so I think we’re off to a great start.

Here’s to change: slow, steady, healthy progression fueled by passion, faith, amd persistence. Here’s to a year where we focus on what’s important and let go of what isn’t.

Happy 2018, friends. We’re in this together. ❤

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  1. Deb says:

    Well…since you put the picture up…cute butt! ❤ Excited to see what 2018 has for us all. Love you, Angela. Love your writing. And your heart.


    1. Angela says:

      Love you big ❤


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