Living Well




I’ve never really been successful at…well, being successful. It’s not so bad, really. I have my comfort zone. There’s pizza there.

But there’s this nagging question buzzing around in my head like an annoying little gnat lately: what if I am actually capable of way more than I think? What if I’ve been letting my past dictate what I believe my future is destined to be?

Two weekends ago I was challenged by a speaker at a boot camp I attended in the mountains of Georgia to think about something: What if my comfort zone really isn’t all that comfortable?


Don’t get me wrong. I love being a single, thirty-blank year old waitress who lives in my best friend’s attic, but could I possibly have more potential?

The past year has been such a growth journey for me. It has taught me to dream again. Just because my life isn’t where I want it to be doesn’t mean I have to stay there. God has provided a new path for me. Streams in the desert. Like, for real.

Finally, FINALLY! I am seeing the colors painted in on what previously was a blank, dull canvas. I didn’t have excitement when I thought about my future before. Now I get giddy thinking about what my tomorrow will be! This new picture is beautiful, guys. It’s rainbows and mountains and beaches and love and adventure. Also, squirrels. There’s a nature theme.

I honestly can’t believe how much I love what I get to do. I wish it was my only gig RIGHT NOW but I have to buy pizza so I still have to waitress part time. I’m at a different place, though, a healthier place, both literally and figuratively. Although it’s hard for this instant-gratification queen to still be working a J.O.B.,  I know the day will be here SO SOON when I can do what I love full-time and be able to adult like a rockstar.

The challenges are in no short supply, but the vision God has placed in my heart is strong enough to sustain me through the naysayers and the self-doubt that has pulled on me my entire life.

I will not quit, because I believe in the importance of what He has called me to do. There is a crisis and we have a solution.

I will not quit because He says I’m enough and that I’m equipped for every good work He has for me to do.

I will not quit because there are more people that need hope and I get to give it to them.

I will not quit because there are still dear friends out there I have yet to meet and their futures are going to open wide up like mine did.

I will not quit because there’s a community here that loves me where I am but also pushes me to be better everyday and we just plain have a blast together.

I will not quit because I’m going to the Elton’s in Austin next fall conference and my dress will be gold. So.

Who’s coming with me?

Your dream doesn’t have to be the same as mine, although mine is freaking amazing and I’ll share. My challenge to you is to examine your life and ask the question “What if?”

Is your comfort zone really all that comfortable?






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