2018 was an interesting year, to say the least. Change is a four-letter word in my opinion, followed by others in the process.  I don’t do change well. However, a different outcome necessitates a different approach, so I did some changing.

First of all, I quit the job I’d been at for fourteen years last January. Without having another one lined up. Which is really stupid, unless God tells you specifically to do it, as he told me. I was excited but terrified.

I was blessed and held every minute, and my little direct sales business was a stream in the desert. I made my next promotion level, got a thousand dollars in bonus money, and was even able to travel to Phoenix for our conference. God is good. I eventually got another serving job in a small, health-focused restaurant and I love all the crazy, awesome people I work with.

One reason I know God wanted me out of my old job was for the health of my relationships, specifically men. I had a really unhealthy on-again/off-again thing going with a coworker there, and it left me emotionally unavailable for anyone else. I had actually never experienced a healthy relationship until this year when I said “yes” to a blind date set up by my sweet friend Heather – another first! Suddenly I look around one day and I’m at a Chris Tomlin concert with my incredibly sweet boyfriend..and I laugh to myself wondering how in the world did I get here? It’s because for the first time I said no to things that hurt me and accepted that I was worthy of more. I believed a man could love me kind of like God does- that I could feel secure and loved and happy with no games or drama. It takes some getting used to, but I’ve never felt so safe or cared for in a relationship before.

Here’s a cheesy picture of us from last week when we went hiking with my sister up in Northern Virginia:


If you read my last post, you’ll know another thing I did last year was to get completely out of debt!!! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the extra income my business provided, or without learning to live within my means! 2019 is going to be awesome without that extra payment every month!

So speaking of 2019, my word for the year is ENGAGED. I want to live this year with intentionality and purpose in all I do. I want to be engaged in my relationship with God and with others, with my business and with my health. I will be active in pursuing things that bring me joy and peace, and not allow fear or comfort to take the place of me reaching these goals. No more letting life pass me by. Engaged. Fully participating and invested.

I know, you thought I was getting married. Not yet, friends! But this year is gonna be awesome!!!

What’s your word for 2019?





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