47 Days

I’ve heard it’s more likely for a woman in her 30’s to be struck by lightning than find a man who’ll want to marry her.

Well screw you, old wives tale, because this 30-something is walking down the aisle in 47 days!!!


It’s  true. After exactly six months of dating, the man of my dreams surprised me by showing up at my girls’ weekend in Charlottesville and asked me to be his wife! I have sneaky, wonderful friends! 🙂

Anyway, God is good and as soon as I actually gave Him my love life (like FOR REAL said I trusted Him) he brought me a man I actually want to make a home and a life with. He is kind and considerate and loves me unconditionally. He laughs at my jokes and I think he’s pretty funny, too. He is my forever and he won my heart because he shows me Jesus in his actions every. single. day.

Y’all. He used to be an actual Boy Scout.

So anyway.

The other piece is I get to be a stepmom to  a sweet, sassy, fierce little girl and although I am slightly terrified I love her already and I truly enjoy doing life with her!

Oh and I quit my job over two months ago  and haven’t looked back once. Residual income, guys. Look into it.

My life is almost completely different from a year ago when I described myself at a gathering as a single, overweight waitress who lived in my friend’s attic with a constipated cat. 😂

I’m still working on the weight but doing great with my eating, and in a month and a half I will be moving in with my husband to begin a whole new adventure.

Let me say it again. God is good.




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