You spin me right round..


As I sat up to kiss Ben goodbye early Monday morning, a sudden wave of dizziness rose up. I noted how strange it was, then quickly laid back down and drifted off to sleep.

Three hours later I woke up again, and as I lifted my head, the world started spinning. I drunkenly lurched toward the bathroom, hanging on to walls and fighting the nausea that accompanied my own little personal merry-go-round.

The only relief came when I was back in bed. If I moved my head at all, the show would start again.

Vertigo. I’d know people who had experienced it but wow! I did not realize how incapacitating it was.

Vertigo is often caused by crystals in your ear being shaken out of place, which effects your equilibrium and balance. This made sense to me as we’d been on a plane the day before and were flying sideways and up and down as we enjoyed our stroopwafels (best part of flying. Caramelly goodness).

I Googled the Epley Maneuver (recommended by my mother in law) which is supposed to help those pesky crystals go back to where they should be, and I think it helped.

I felt progressively less spinny as the day went on (except for when I tilted my head back to wash my hair. Dumb move, Self!) but just to make sure I stayed in bed, watching Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye and The Minimal Mom.

The next morning would determine if this thing was here to stay. My best friend and several others told me horror stories of people dealing with this for weeks or even months. Some cases of vertigo lie dormant for a time but come back to ruin your life every now and then. People at times have to get on medication or even have surgery to correct it! Ain’t nobody got time for that. I just wanted it GONE.

I opened my eyes Tuesday morning. Gingerly, I rose to a seated position against the pillows. No spins. I stood up. I slowly turned my head from side to side, and then up and down.

It was gone! Praise the Lord! I could walk downstairs! I could drive! Funny how important those mundane, everyday activities become to us when we can’t do them!

That was my adventure with vertigo. I pray it never returns, and I have a much deeper compassion for those who have it for longer periods of time. And also I’m scared to go on roller coaster or fly again. But for now, I’m thankful the world is staying in place where it belongs!


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