Wind. Waves. Water..melon margaritas. I was trying to think of a “w” drink. Wine would’ve worked. Wow.

Ok so I’m sitting here all cozy under a blanket and alliterating for no reason. It’s a grey, wet morning here in Richmond. In an hour, I’ll be chucking my very full suitcase (packing light for a beach trip in April is impossible..snowsuit; umbrella; bathing suit; sunscreen; thermal underwear..) into the back of a friend’s car and cruising down to Nags Head. It’s a “work” trip which means lots of girl time: heart to hearts, laughter, dance parties, tears, salads, pizza, drinks, beach walks, hot tubbin’ and Juice Plus’in. Normally conference time means hopping on a plane to exotic destinations such as Indianapolis or Phoenix, Arizona but thanks to ‘Rona it will be a sweet and short road trip and I’m getting excited. I’m never excited until right before I leave for some reason but here I am! It’s gonna be great!

I am praying I’ll be able to sleep. I have a hard time sleeping away from home and then I get anxious about it and then I really can’t sleep! I find myself longing to be lulled to dreamland by the rhythmic snores of my sweet, congested husband. It’s annoying. I wish I was one of those carefree people who pass out as soon as their head gets within a mile of their pillow, but no such luck. Prayers appreciated because Oscar’s got nothing on this grouch when I’m sleep-deprived. Actually I just get emotional and homesick. Life of the party, here.

Also I just realized that I’m probably not going to lose 50 pounds by the summer. If people would just stop having birthdays and other bad-eating opportunities (BEOs) that would be great. Personal responsibility be hammed.

Alright, friends. Nothing of importance to talk about today, I just want to stay in the habit of exposing my deepest fears, highest hopes, and plans for lunch with you all because I know you care! Hee hee.


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