Why was I crying in the bathtub this morning? Maybe it was because I fell sideways off a stool. Maybe it’s because I was on that stool trying to find more icing because I’d run out of the supposed-to-be-purple but turned-out-gray concoction I’d mixed in the Easy Accent Decorator. Maybe I needed more icing because I flipped the cake out of the pan to put it on a flat serving surface and it broke and I needed to perform emergency cover-up magic.

Or maybe it was because all this happened the morning of Audrey’s sixth birthday party, t-minus two hours before guests were due to arrive, after throwing a baby shower and a bridal shower back to back the last two Saturdays. I’m tired, y’all. And falling off the stool was just the last thing I could deal with. So I told my husband to go buy a cake and I went to sit in a hot bath and cry.

After thirty minutes I picked myself up and went downstairs to finish prepping for the party. I unwrapped the Happy Birthday banner and found that it, in fact, said “HAPPY BIRTHDTY”. And that was enough to start me giggling and right my spirits. I mean, Dollar Tree needs to up their quality control, but it was perfect after the morning I’d had. And it will be coming out again every birthday for the foreseeable future.

Audrey’s party went great. She felt loved, everyone had a good time, and the weather couldn’t have been better. Ben may have set the grill on fire, but he still has eyebrows so we’ll pretend it never happened.

Stress happens. But the blessing beneath my stress is I just have a lot of people I love who love me back and I get to celebrate them. Every day for the last month.



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  1. Omo says:

    Beautiful. Happy birthday Audrey!! I hope Ben is doing alright, hahaha


    1. Angela says:

      Thank you!!! Yes he is fine, thank God! 🙂

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