Healthy (ish) Recipes and Meal Planning


Does anyone else get excited to plan a dinner menu for the week? No, just me? Alright then.

It has been a month. Stratas and barbecue and burgers, oh thighs. It is time. Healthy eating time, that is. If I lose ten pounds a week from now until June I can still hit my goal.

Kidding. Kidding. Anyone else hear Sophia Petrillo’s voice? No, just me? Alright then.

Anyway, I’m planning this week’s healthier dinners and making my shopping list as I go. This week (well ten days really, but I just stepped off the birthday train today) is my healthy friend group’s week to Shred, which means greatly reducing or eliminating gluten, dairy, alcohol, and refined sugars. Supposed to include caffeine on that list but I need something to live for.

Tonight will be homemade Cava Bowls (Mediterranean bowls of rice, greens, veggies, and protein). I’m doing falafel on top and a little feta so not strictly shredding but healthier than hot dogs and sheet cake, right?

Tomorrow is homemade Chipotle Bowls loaded with guac and chicken and beans..yum!

Friday will be this GF/DF recipe for Chicken Marsala which I can’t wait to try! Thanks, Julie, for passing this along!

As for this weekend, I’m still in all have any healthy recipes that you don’t have to force down? I wish I was one of those aliens who actually craves bean sprouts and tofu but I’m just not. I’m not a lentil or curry person either, unfortunately. One time I made lentil flatbread with just dried lentils ground into flour and water and I was so excited because the texture was wonderful and warm and pliant and I was really proud of myself ..and then I tasted it and promptly threw the rest in the garbage.

Also, no beets. Please, God. Alright then. Have a great day! And don’t forget to share your go-to healthy recipe in the comments! Love you guys!

Oh, bonus recipe for dessert right here! This looks amazing! 👇🏼


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