A Couple Little Things


Ok, so first of all, my weekend without social media was great! I didn’t miss it, actually. So what did I do with my time instead?

I read Anne’s House of Dreams (the fifth book in the Anne of Green Gables series). I just love the way L.M. Montgomery’s characters take on life..you can see their personality in such vivid detail! They take on visual substance and seem so real it’s as if you’ve actually met! She was such a great writer! I did some light Googling and found out the author overdosed (presumably on purpose) at the age of 67. What joy and light-heartedness poured out from her soul into her books apparently didn’t carry through into real life in her later years. Inexpressibly sad.

Ben and I cleaned out the shed and took a truckload of old furniture and house things to Hope Thrift. When you merge two lives, there’s just not room for all of it and it makes you wonder why on earth you paid one hundred and sixty dollars a month to store it all for three years (they really get you with the introductory rate, especially if you wait until the day you’re moving to find a storage unit. Talk about pressure!). We got the shed cleaning finished fairly quickly because our next-door neighbors were coincidentally throwing their son’s first birthday party and trying to make their deck look festive while our plainly visible backyard looked like Sanford and Son had exploded all over it. So we hustled, and got it done just as their party was starting! Phew!

Mother’s Day was yesterday (I mean, you probably know that already but maybe someone will read this Thursday so I figured I would just put it in and now I have this extra sentence but it’s done so here it stays). Ben was the absolute best and took my turn in the nursery so I sat in on the sermon instead (good talk on predestination, made me feel super grateful because, trust me, I’m no better or holier than anyone else, God just showed mercy on me because he is so good). After church we drove out to New Kent and had a picnic lunch with Ben’s parents by the lake at Jolene Winery. Other than a slight miscommunication (Ben’s mom and dad thought we were picking them up but we were already at the winery wondering why they weren’t there yet), we spent a lovely afternoon, drinking Lakeside White and watching all the children play on at the waters edges, decked out in their Sunday-best. Relaxing near the water always fills me up, and I couldn’t think of a more pleasant way to spend Mother’s Day.

After the winery, Ben and I stopped by Lowe’s to get a couple plants to round out our coming-soon front-yard garden, came home to a sweet surprise of Mother’s Day flowers and sweets from a good friend, and rounded out the night with A Million Little Things (love the characters but sadly a bit too woke for us so we may have to let it go) and two orders of Drunken Noodles from a nearby Thai restaurant. All in all a perfect day.

How was your Mother’s Day?


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