What a Character!


In twelve years she will be an adult. The same girl who told me last night she didn’t feed the cat because her ears weren’t working when I asked her.

It’s crazy to think about. On one hand, it feels like we have so much time left with her. She’s still finishing out her kindergarten year. But before we know it, first grade will be upon us. Homework and new friends and riding the bus and science projects and report cards and all of it.

It will fly by, and one day soon we’ll wake up and she’ll be off in the big wide world, making her own decisions. The days are long but the years are short, I’ve heard. This time we have with her, right now, is so important.

We did our first family devotion last night..this on the heels of A being overheard plotting with a friend to frame a two-year old for a broken pot in the back yard…sheesh! Six years old and setting up a fall guy! Thankfully our small group babysitter saw the whole thing go down and clued us in. Discipline is hard in our case because we have one cool customer: nothing seems to phase her! So I thought maybe we would follow the lead of several friends (thanks Heather and Rosie!) and spend time each evening learning about God and his character and who he has created us to be!

There is nothing more important to us than Audrey knowing God. She can be pretty and popular and make good grades but none of that satisfies in the long run. We want her to be a woman who knows her worth and purpose is found in God’s love, not the world’s approval.

She will ultimately make her own decisions, but I am grateful we have time to fill her up with good truth while she is still growing. The devotion we did last night focused on “family resemblance”- what similarities can we find between us and our parents or siblings (the cat and I both have green eyes!). Then we talked about how we as God’s children resemble our Father in heaven. It was fun and although some questions may have been a bit over her head, I know this time spent together will be well worth it and will make for warm memories. It’s also a chance for us to get to know her little heart better. I’m excited to make this a nightly thing at our house. Eternal impact. That’s what we’re going for.

What are some worthwhile things you’ve done with your own kids and would recommend? I’m new around here and I want to give her the best tools possible to be a successful, kind, and compassionate Jesus girl as she grows up! I think these devotions will be a good start. If her ears are working.

Love you guys. Happy Wednesday!


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