I Can’t Even

Yesterday I posted this video by Matthew West. My husband and I both thought it was hilarious and sweet to see a dad taking responsibility for bringing up his girls according to the wisdom of the Lord (i.e. it is not wise or appropriate to show all your stuff in public). The backlash to this silly song (read the YouTube comments) was simply astounding to me. The public berated Matthew for being misogynistic and for shaming women.

First of all, if you want to take offense with a video, start with this one. Parents, do NOT let your children watch this satanic garbage. Secondly, if you feel shamed by a man teaching his daughters to dress with self-respect, please see a counselor because you obviously have some issues to work out. He is in no way harming his children. He is being a good dad. It’s literally his job.

Isn’t it “funny” how the world has twisted perception so much that men and women trying to live by the moral standards literally given to us by God are labeled as hateful and harmful?

People are itching to be offended these days. There’s just no other way to look at it. Last night I remarked in what I thought was a fun Facebook post that I once walked through the yard of a house in Haiti where a voodoo ceremony was taking place. Immediately one woman (someone I worked with briefly but was never close to) jumped down my throat, vehemently alleging that Haitians don’t practice voodoo, and saying I was calling Caribbean black people evil and then for some reason brought Trump and China into the mix. The comments went on and on, back and forth, and ultimately I ended up unfriending her because she just wanted to find offense, even though none was given. I loved the Haitian people I met. Not all Haitians practice voodoo. Some do. It is not offensive to state a fact (at least it didn’t used to be).

Nowadays you can’t even label your rum with a Jamaican phrase without being harassed by Nicki Minaj for cultural appropriation. Just stop it, mon. This is getting ridiculous. Like, you don’t own the rights to certain words (or clothes, or food, or whatever). Take pride in the fact that someone loves your culture. Stop looking for offense.

Being offended all the time is a waste of energy. What if we choose to focus on things that actually matter? Get close to God and help others do the same. Be a good friend. Love your family and your neighbors well. Help people in need.

And if you would like tell me I can’t say “mon” you can direct your comments to the complaint section conveniently located in a trash can near you.


Support truth, boycott nonsense.

Love you guys.


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